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We take away the headache when cloud hosting for Magento

“If I was recommending Akoova to someone, I would highlight that they are so much more than just a hosting company. You buy peace of mind and engage with a real partner who takes care of your online business. The more you engage with Akoova, the more value you get out, because they love problem solving and they are good at it.” Renato Cason - Head of engineering at END. “Graze’s vision is to use technology to become the world’s number 1 healthy snacking brand. We were born on the Cloud/AWS in 2008. We wanted to stay on the cloud for our new online shop, but we didn’t want to work out how to deploy, scale and run Magento 2 on AWS in house. We wanted a partner with the right product, skills, mind-set and cultural fit. Akoova provided us exactly what we needed, immediately.” Edd Read - CTO - Graze “Time Out is a global platform which requires forward thinking technical expertise to reach our ambitions of bringing our customers the capabilities to make the most of the city and growing our e-commerce business. This is a strategically important time for us and it’s vital to work with trusted partners with advanced competences, such as Akoova.” Jim Beattie - SVP of Engineering - TIME OUT “Piazza Italia is a very ambitious Italian fast fashion brand, that established itself as the leading choice for families. Transitioning our business online was inevitable, our customers ask us to do that. Therefore, we embarked in a omni-channel journey, which will increasingly underpin our evolving bold strategy. We know that this can happen only with the help and support of the the most forward thinking partners, who truly care to deliver value to us and our customers. Akoova solution and partnership is the best example.” Stefano De Silvo - Head of Marketing - Piazza Italia “Eurokangas is preparing to execute an ambitious omni-channel strategy and we have a tradition of creating long-term partnerships based on trust and profound understanding of our business. Traditional hosting providers are too focused on features; they could not demonstrate the e-commerce expertise and the mind-set necessary in order for us to deliver a world-class customer experience.” Mikko Salmenius - E-Commerce Director - Eurokangas “Delivering an ambitious roadmap for a high growth business requires focus, Akoova lets us focus on our core IP while they manage our infrastructure.” Ciarán Rooney - Chief Technology Officer - Swoon “Before Akoova, I had to keep my fingers crossed.” Ira Wichmann - Head of Product - Swoon “After several bad experiences in the past, I was looking for a a reliable partner I could trust. I was migrating to Magento and I needed a scalable cloud infrastructure.” Vinicio Varricchio - CEO & Founder - Vitamin Centre “Recommerce Solutions has strong in-house expertise in e-commerce and AWS. We previously built our own e-commerce platform. In order to focus on our core business, we decided to migrate our online stores to Magento, but frankly it’s challenging, very time and resource consuming to have Magento properly run and scale on AWS, supported by a top-notch 24/7 operation combined with Devops, Cloud and Magento expertise.” Cédric Maucourt - Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder - Re-Commerce “IC Intracom was on AWS Cloud already, but the site kept crashing down, it was not well looked after and I could not relax on week-ends.” Marco Brun - Managing Director - IC Intracom