10 Years of Akoova | Meet Our Oldest Client

We have amazing clients and we whole-heartedly love them all. However, as part of our 10-year anniversary celebrations, we thought it’d be fitting to check in with the customer who has been with us the longest and hear their side of our story.

Read on to find out how it all started, from the perspective of our longest-standing client: Marco Brun, Managing Director at IC Intracom.

“We met Akoova (Elastera at the time) in 2014, in the middle of a very difficult situation: our website was very unstable, our hosting infrastructure was very unreliable, and we were very frustrated.

One day, our current web agency introduced us to Elastera, a young unknown startup. At that time, we did not have much to lose. The situation was so bad, it was difficult to make it worse. 

At that point, Elastera was only Osvaldo and Zac but we had a good first impression, and so we made the decision to change hosting providers.

Osvaldo and Zac sitting in wooden chairs and smiling at the camera.
Akoova’s Founders Osvaldo Spadano and Zachary Stevens in the early years.

Osvaldo was a techie, and during a memorable long night, he performed the migration of all our infrastructure from the old hosting to AWS. From that day onwards, like a miracle, all our problems were gone forever! Really, I am serious.

For that reason, I will never forget this moment and we cannot imagine our day-to-day without the silent presence of Akoova – like an angel who protects our business.

With time, Akoova grew up. Today it is not just Ossy and Zac anymore. Akoova is now a strong team full of brilliant brains. However, the spirit, the positive attitude and the proactive approach have never changed. More and more we feel that Akoova is part of the family.”

Want to find out more about our journey with IC Intracom? Read our case study.

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