Akoova and JH join forces to provide seamless Magento solutions for the Global eCommerce Market

Akoova, the World Leading Managed Cloud Platform for Magento, and JHMagento Enterprise Solution Partners and titans of industry in the UK Ecommerce space, today announced a partnership to integrate Akoova’s AWS cloud environments with JH’s Ecommerce solutions. This integration of mission critical solutions enables global brands and retailers to take control of their Ecommerce ROI and deliver the best possible shopping experience, that their customers deserve.

Often merchants look at the numerous Ecommerce platforms available and are unaware of how extreme the difference in each offering can be. With SaaS, retailers are renting a platform, which will inevitably pose constraints, while DIY solutions, such as those based on Magento, come with a hefty tax on managing the whole complexity.

With Akoova and JH, you can now have unprecedented access to a SaaS-like solution and service, aimed to provide simplicity and a lower Total Cost of Ownership, while retaining ownership of the platform and the freedom to create a seamless customer experience, without the headaches involved in scaling up.

JH create award winning, beautiful Magento sites for clients who are just about to go stellar, and Akoova manage the entire technical operations to ensure that those clients can scale – fast, and without downtime or performance issues. Until now retailers had no choice but to sign up for full-service agreements in their quest to ensure control and accountability.

With Magento, JH and Akoova clients partner with highly specialised providers, who are the best at what they do, while collaborating seamlessly. This type of always on concierge service is what has been missing for many CTO’s until now.

Every single element of the project is covered between both of these partners, while the DevOps & Lean mindset that they share enables a SaaS like solution without complexity as well as allowing for the e-commerce experience customers deserve.

Our clients are right up there with the level of performance that took the Big Boys years to achieve. These are the experts that will make your business resilient and ready for the future, whatever it might bring. The best possible experience for your customers is the only thing that matters to JH and Akoova.

Akoova and JH both work only with reputable and trustworthy partners who achieve the best results possible. The foundations for a strong relationship are based on pre-existing respect from having worked with each other in the past. They don’t show respect by being nice to each other and letting each other get on with their job; but by challenging each other every step of the way. This is why together, they will deliver powerful platforms that can scale quickly and without performance issues, resulting in a world class transformative customer experience. A joint DevOps mindset, lean culture, agile development and instant support services, aligned with client brand knowledge make this partnership unstoppable.

Akoova’s Managed Cloud Platform is the next evolution of digital experience management. The Platform comes with the layer pre-built on top of AWS, and provides organisations with a true end-to-end production-grade solution specially designed to support the most demanding Magento digital experiences — and to scale from an entry level to an enterprise level solution as needed. This enables organisations to focus on the experience itself rather than the infrastructure behind it.

JH use cutting edge design and technology to create tailored shopping experiences for their clients. In April of this year they were granted the highest of Magento accolades when they were announced as Magento Enterprise Solution Partners. This means officially that they are amongst the best Magento agencies in the UK – both in terms of the sites they design and build, and the results they bring to their clients.

It is no coincidence that Akoova’s customer, Graze.com won the “Growth Award” and JH’s customer, Perch & Parrow won the “Best Mobile Experience” at the Magento Imagine 2017 Excellence Awards.

With this joint solution clients expecting a high growth, will experience immediate results and improved ROI, even on the most complex implementations.

For further information and to discuss your project please contact:

[email protected] or [email protected] or visit akoova.wpengine.com or www.wearejh.com.

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