Akoova at Meet Magento UK 2024

MM24UK may have been the best Meet Magento edition yet!

As 7-time Headline Sponsors, we may be biased, and so read on for our wrap-up of the event and find out for yourself.

As always, it was an important and exciting day for the Magento community, with merchants, partners and technology experts coming together to share their love and knowledge of Magento.

This year, we got to meet and catch up with talented retail professionals, get in touch with the latest in ecommerce trends and attend a myriad of thought-provoking talks given at the conference.

The Masterminds of Innovation: Unveiling the Secrets of a Great CTO

Amongst a robust group of highly skilled and experienced speakers were our very own Zac Stevens, Akoova’s CTO, Øyvind Valland, Former CTO of our client Seraphine, and Elisabeth Ling, Product Advisor and Leadership Coach at Ling & Decitre Ltd.

The trio shared an insightful conversation about what it takes to be a great CTO and how navigating the evolving demands for innovation empowers tech leaders to drive brands to create value in a rapidly changing ecommerce landscape.

Furthermore, the panel shared their views on building vs. buying technology, how and why to avoid vendor lock-in, and balancing immediate needs with long-term goals.

Unbound Commerce: Harness the Power of Open Source!

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Osvaldo Spadano, gave a brilliant presentation on how leveraging the potential of Magento Open Source can set brands up for innovation.

Ossy explored how unbundled open-source technology is revolutionising retail and why it’s the backbone of modern digital infrastructure, offering unmatched flexibility, security, scalability and cost efficiency.


For this Meet Magento UK, we partnered with our friends at the Magento Association to celebrate the amazing Magento Open Source community.

On top of the fantastic work that they do for the association, Mathias Schreiber (Executive Director) and Jörg Ems (Community Engagements and Partnerships Manager) are also DJs and music producers.

What better way to put their talent to good use than by paying homage to the Magento Community?

As part of the campaign, the duo collaborated to create two brand-new tracks in honour of all Magento enthusiasts around the globe.

The singles were put onto limited-edition vinyl, available to all attendees at #MM24UK.

If that’s not enough, we also welcomed event-goers to our stand where we held our very own silent rave! Visitors got to see Mathias and Jörg DJing live and listened to the exclusive tracks first-hand. In case you missed it, you can now stream the tunes on Spotify.

Prize Draw

Every year, we hold a not-to-be-missed prize draw at MMUK, and this event was no exception. 

Anyone who didn’t already own a turntable to listen to our limited-edition vinyl had the chance to rectify this by entering our prize draw.

All participants had to do to be in for a chance of winning a brand new turntable was to take a selfie at our silent rave and post it to LinkedIn.

This year’s lucky winner was Chris Pendse, Director Of Partnerships at SQLI Digital Experience.

Congratulations, Chris! We hope you have a lot of fun listening to your limited-edition vinyl on your new turntable and speakers.

Thank you!

We are still buzzing from such an impeccable and exciting event. 

It is always an honour to be Headline Sponsors and to welcome each and everyone of you to our stand. We had a blast!

Thank you so much to our brilliant partners at JH for putting together yet another impeccable Meet Magento UK.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2025. See you then.

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