Akoova talks to Magento Association

We recently sat down with our friends at Magento Association to chat about their partnership with Akoova, why ecommerce brands should be investing in unbundled solutions for sustainable growth – and much, much more.

In the interview, Mathias Schreiber (Executive Director) and Jörg Ems (Community Engagements and Partnerships Manager) provide their expert insight as we discuss:

  • Magento Association’s mission and how to get involved
  • Their partnership with Mage-OS and what it means for the Magento community
  • Open source and its role in empowering brands, including enterprise merchants and their complex demands
  • The multiple advantages of cultivating a diverse ecosystem of best-in-breed partners 
  • Magento Association’s plans for the near future

On top of the many thought-provoking points surrounding the Magento ecosystem and how merchants can leverage open source to maximise their success in ecommerce, we also had the chance to discuss Magento Association’s partnership with Akoova and the exciting surprises we have been working on together.

Watch the interview to get a sneak peek of what to expect from us at Meet Magento UK and find out more about how we are celebrating the Magento Open Source community at the upcoming event.

In the video, you’ll get a preview of:

  • Our #MagentoOpenForLifeCampaign
  • How Mathias and Jörg are sharing their musical talent to contribute to the celebration
  • A spoiler of what we have prepared for Meet Magento UK 2024 attendees

To find out more about Magento Association, visit their website: magentoassociation.org

Check out our partners page to learn more about all our amazing partners.

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