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Moda Furnishings

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Chris Gillespie - Head of IT
Headshot of Chris Gillespie [Head of IT], Moda Furnishings

A summary of Moda Furnishings:

Moda Furnishings provides a comprehensive range of premium rattan and contemporary garden furniture through its website and its five showrooms across the UK.  

We offer a unique, modular range of designs, with an exceptional reputation for customer service, innovation, and quality of product. 

What challenges were Moda Furnishings facing which led you to look for a new hosting provider?

We had issues with the predecessors’ platform and availability, directly linked to an overall lack of customer satisfaction.

How did Akoova’s solution assist with those challenges?

As a fast-paced, fast-growing ecommerce business, we knew we needed to find a service partner who can scale with us for years to come. 

Akoova are just that! Overall, extremely proactive and light touch, whilst being reactive to any additional requests we put their way.

What do you like most about working with Akoova?

Akoova are extremely proactive, professional and attentive to our business needs. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and they’re always on hand to provide a fantastic customer experience.

The team are very easy to work with and we are constantly left satisfied with their performance.

What would you say to someone considering working with Akoova?

Don’t hesitate – You’ll be wondering why you didn’t make the move sooner!

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