Project Description

Graze is the most innovative snack company in the world, with an incredibly determined team of passionate people, leveraging world-class technology and innovation to design, brand, manufacture and deliver healthy snacks that taste good.

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“Graze’s vision is to use technology to become the world’s number 1 healthy snacking brand. We were born on the Cloud/AWS in 2008. We wanted to stay on the cloud for our new online shop, but we didn’t want to work out how to deploy, scale and run Magento 2 on AWS in house. We wanted a partner with the right product, skills, mind-set and cultural fit. Akoova provided us exactly what we needed, immediately.”.”

Edd Read CTO

Akoova understood Graze’s objectives and delivered what we needed. They play a key role in supporting the growth of our business.

On our results:

We were part of the Magento 2 beta program to build a new online shop, to complement our subscription service. In no-time Akoova engaged with our e-commerce agency, Inviqa, and made a significant contribution to the delivery of the Minimum Viable Site, within a tight timescale. The results of our experiments during the first four months were very encouraging and above expectation, which gave us the confidence to roll out the new online business model. Scaling traffic and transitioning to a full scale launch was easy with Akoova, which allowed the stake-holders to focus on their job.

On our service:

“Akoova is a breath of fresh air. They are specialists and good at what they do. They understand e-commerce technical operations: monitoring, scalability, performance, automation, security etc… They provide a platform that works, combined with a great service. They are very pro-active, flexible and they love problem solving in a collaborative manner. What makes them different is their ability to standardise the solutions into their product.


“Graze’s vision is to use technology to become the world’s number 1 healthy snacking brand. Akoova fits well with our need to keep innovating fast: 1) they provide a solid platform that keeps evolving, 2) they can scale as we grow, 3) we keep the right level of control, while avoiding the overburden of managing too much complexity.”