Project Description

Piazza Italia is Italy’s leading fast & family fashion brand, and operates a chain of over 300 shops in Italy and abroad. Since 1993 Piazza Italia has been growing steadily to annual revenue over €500m.

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“Piazza Italia is a very ambitious Italian fast fashion brand, that established itself as the leading choice for families. Transitioning our business online was inevitable, our customers ask us to do that. Therefore, we embarked in a omni-channel journey, which will increasingly underpin our evolving bold strategy. We know that this can happen only with the help and support of the the most forward thinking partners, who truly care to deliver value to us and our customers. Akoova solution and partnership is the best example.”

Stefano De Silvo Head of Marketing

Akoova was highly recommended to us by our trusted agency, BitBull. The two partners collaborated professionally, saving us precious time and deliverying great results.

On our results:

Piazza Italia has achieved tremendous growth so far. E-commerce will play an important role to continue that growth, this is why we have selected our partners very carefully, making sure they are the best at what they do and are aligned with the dynamic, efficient and fast-pace nature of our business. Although Magento 2 is a relatively new platform, we were impressed by the the quality of the site delivered by BitBull in a short period of time, and the outstanding performance and scalability delivered by Akoova. The results achieved so far are above our expectations, which is unusual within an industry plagued by setbacks.

On our service:

We wanted the best partner and this is why we chose Akoova. Just a few days after signing the agreement with Akoova, they delivered a scalable pre-production environment integrated with our agency’s development process. They required very little input, which allowed both us and the agency to focus on other important deliveries. The go-live process was very smooth. Clearly Akoova is more than just a hosting / cloud provider. Their solution works straight out of the box, they are specialists and deliver a great service.


“Piazza Italia is on a strategically important journey. We are confident that we are in this journey with the right partners and we see a bright future ahead, knowing we are in good hands.”

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