Project Description

Swoon Editions was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty ambition. To offer beautifully hand-crafted furniture at revolutionary prices. They are backed by some of the most reputable VCs in Europe and they’re growing like there’s no tomorrow.

Customer website:


Scalability    Expertise    Trust

“Delivering an ambitious roadmap for a high growth business requires focus, Akoova lets us focus on our core IP while they manage our infrastructure.”.”

Ciarán Rooney Chief Technology Officer

“Before Akoova, I had to keep my fingers crossed.”

Ira Wichmann Head of Product

With Akoova, Swoon Editions immediately found the stability, speed and service required for a smooth growth.

On our results:

Ira: “The Akoova platform is very impressive, site load times are significantly better than the previous hosting. We get the best return out of our digital campaigns, knowing that response time of the site isn’t an issue. The speed is consistent and provides a great User Experience.”

Ciarán: “Akoova’s technical expertise is second to none, their auto scaling set-up really ensures peace of mind for me.”

On our service:

“From day one Akoova contributed in defining key activities in our roadmap, regarding site speed and stability at application level. Those advices made a difference. Akoova took a very proactive approach in working with our agency, helping the developers to focus on what matter to us. Akoova are incedibly ‘available’. I think of them as our consultants in anything to do with Magento, really.”


“With Akoova I truly started enjoying my holidays, without the fear of the site going down, and with the peace of mind that whatever happened, they would be on it.”