Good360 Engages Akoova – “Goods for the greater Good”

Akoova has taken on a new client, Good360. Based in the U.S., they’re a non-partisan, non-profit organization which acts as a go-between of goods donated by companies and other organizations, to benefit charities and needy people. Since starting in 1983, they have distributed over $8 billion in critical goods to serve more than six million people in need around the world.

Good360 provides a web-based store front for donated products. Charities can register and then login to choose products that would be most useful for their clients at little or no cost to them, making it easy for companies to get their donations to people who need them the most.

For their on-line store, Good360 uses Magento e-commerce software and was using a cloud hosting service that wasn’t specifically tailored for e-commerce sites. The hosting service was working fine, but their CIO, Shabab Gruberg felt they could do better. As CIO, he didn’t want growth to be slowed because of technology limitations. He was particularly concerned about being ready for enormous spikes in traffic that tend to occur following a major public disaster.

Incidentally, Gruberg is now their interim CEO. Their President is Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and currently running for President of the U.S. One of their directors is Bob Schwartz, former president of Magento. These are just a few of their impressive management team.

Having heard good reports about Amazon Web Service (AWS), Gruberg wanted to switch to their Cloud service. However, after some preliminary investigation he found that the transition wouldn’t be easy. There was much that needed to be done with Magento to get the most out of it and AWS Cloud. So they looked for a firm specializing in Magento to help. Bob Schwartz recommended he speak with the London based company, Akoova.

Akoova offers an innovative Managed Cloud Environments for e-commerce sites using Magento. They have the expertise and a cloud product to provide a more efficient, smoother e-commerce experience for consumers. They were just what Good360 needed. Better still, impressed by Good360’s mission, Akoova saw an opportunity to use their expertise for doing philanthropy and offered them the solution and service free of the Akoova management cost.

Initially, since Good360 was launching their first franchise in Australia, they used this opportunity to try out Akoova, as they needed a separate local Australian hosting to serve better the local users. Akoova set-up the platform for Good360 of Australia on the AWS Australian region in Sydney. All of this went so well, Good360 in the U.S. migrated in June to Akoova. Akoova is pleased and proud to serve Good360 in providing “Goods for the greater Good”.

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