instantly made to measure

A true bespoke tailor can take something off the peg and know exactly how to adapt it to look like a made to measure suit. Of course it takes a years of experience before a tailor can alter a suit to fit perfectly almost by eye. It’s the kind of craftsmanship that enables Akoova to shape your Magento platform.

At Akoova we let retailers choose Magento whilst still enjoying the benefits of a SaaS platform.

You don’t need to recruit technical operations staff, you don’t need to worry about backups or security, and you don’t need to carry a pager.  You can go back to focusing on your business, and worry about how to craft your Magento site to maximise its revenues.  You don’t need to become an expert in IT Operations and DevOps, because you can rely on our K-engineers* to take care of that

  • Automated deployment
  • Immediate results
  • No DIY unpredictable costs
  • SaaS Benefits, without side effects
  • Secure technology