Commerce industry experts have created a community for online retailers to share essential insights on how to advance and innovate.

With Amazon setting the standards for consumer expectations, at last, online retailers are sharing the secrets to their success in this new space for open collaboration and education.

Today, the Magento Association is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Magento cloud hosting provider, Akoova, to advance collaboration and education within the community. The partnership adds the individual voices behind Akoova K-Hosting to the community discussion, voices which have helped cult brands such as Byredo and iconic brands such as DIPTYQUE navigate the new rules of online retail and supported the fastest-growing sites such as In The Style and Dover Street Market

Uptime and performance are directly tied to the perception of a brand and the success or failure of the business, according to Osvaldo Spadano, CEO of Akoova. When discussing how Akoova’s cloud K-Hosting has helped industry stalwarts move online, Spadano insists upon the importance of a fully managed, tailored solution that is ready to scale and continuously evolving. “To keep up with the leading global enterprises, businesses like END. Clothing needed access to an unprecedented level of sophistication.”

In this new era of direct to consumer (DTC) commerce and its emerging challenges, the Magento Association provides a vital channel for dialogue between online brands and technology providers. A key challenge for online brands is matching the convenience and speed at which stalwarts like Amazon move purely to meet the minimum standard. “To ensure success in the increasingly competitive e-commerce space, retailers must ensure that excellent products and strong digital marketing tactics, key in any online brand’s arsenal, aren’t let down with poor user experience and a huge part of solving this issue is closing the feedback loop between brands and technology providers”, say Spadano.

“Today’s announcement is a fantastic opportunity towards fostering and sharing knowledge and solutions that will ultimately provide retailers with the value they deserve,” says Spadano. “This ecosystem is second to none – it is what made Magento so successful. The Magento Association is a powerful springboard to create and deliver even more value to merchants, developers and partners. Closing the feedback loop with merchants is paramount.”

Magento Association Board Director, Ben Marks says: “I am very excited to have Akoova on board as one of our early partners. They have a stellar reputation in our ecosystem and a track record for supporting the community. I look forward to working with Ossy and the team to help us in our mission to advance and empower the world of Magento.”

The Magento Association is laying the foundation to support events, create and surface content, and promote education. Speaking of the new partnership, Spadano says, “At Akoova we do cloud, but what we really do is good operations, which means problem-solving and continuously improving. Problem-solving is not a cloud platform, but an organisational and human skill that requires feedback and learning. We look forward to doing more of it at scale with the Magento Association.”

About Akoova

Akoova provides K-Hosting, a fully tailored and automated cloud platform for successful Retailers using Magento. K-Hosting was designed for the most ambitious retailers, to be a production-grade and a highly scalable solution built on AWS. K-Hosting has an impressive uptime and almost zero downtime because K-Engineers encourage a constant dialogue and continuously monitor sites to ensure any issues are resolved before things get critical. For more information visit or email [email protected].

About the Magento Association

The Magento Association is dedicated to fostering and supporting technology projects, community events, training and education, and online collaboration. The Magento community has a rich history in building collaborative programs and successful events across geographies. The Magento Association is building upon that to complete the vision: An open, healthy and powerful Magento ecosystem for the continued success of future generations.

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