Mark Joyeux joins Akoova

Our tech team continues to grow! 

This month, we welcome Mark Joyeux, who’s joining Akoova as Senior DevOps Engineer.

We’re very excited to have him on board. Get to know Mark with us:

First of all, welcome to Akoova, Mark! How have you been finding everything so far?

Finding everything great so far! 

What were you up to before you joined us?

Before joining, I was working for a large consultancy firm, for a short period of time. However, I found that consultancy was not for me and decided to find a new role. The type of role I was looking for was something that is fully hands-on working in an AWS environment.

Nice, we’re happy you’ve found us. What will you be working on in your new role at Akoova?

At Akoova I work with a team of knowledgeable DevOps engineers who also have a Linux background.  I will have exposure to a number of DevOps tools and practices and AWS.  

What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to get into the industry?

I would advise them to have a look at Reddit homelab and have a look at the projects people do in their homelabs.  Also, an excellent Youtube channel for those looking to get into DevOps is “Techworld with Nana”.

Have you been learning anything recently yourself? 

Initially, I am looking to complete my Terraform certification. Plus, there are also some AWS certifications that I would like to complete.

Lastly, can you recommend something to read, watch, listen to or try? It could be a book, film, band, YouTube video, website, app, art exhibition, your favourite restaurant – anything really.

I am currently reading a book called “Be More Vader”.  A good TV show that I highly recommend is “The Capture” on BBC IPlayer.

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