The New AWS’ Marketing & Commerce Competency

Amazon Web Services offers several excellent products and services. As part of this effort, AWS has a network of business partners known as the AWS Partner Network (APN). Akoova is proud to be one of these business partners—we’ve been one for quite a while.

What’s new is that the AWS Partner Network has recently launched the new APN Marketing & Commerce Competency. This program designates which APN partners have shown that they have particular expertise and have proven themselves as dependable in specific aspects related to AWS services. AWS designates partners based on their specialties (e.g., providing cloud-based commerce solutions).

Akoova has been designated as one of APN’s Application Hosting Providers, offering solutions and services in this area to e-commerce clients and the like. AWS describes Akoova as “a specialized application provider that offers services to run a commerce property in accordance with best-practices to ensure high performance and availability.” APN has noted them on their site as being one of the initial business partners in this area.

We at Akoova are excited to have this endorsement from Amazon. It’s the result of plenty of hard work and recognition of our abilities, as well as client satisfaction.

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AWS Cloud Ecommerce Hosting

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