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We have amazing partners and we are starting a new spotlight series to introduce them. To kick things off, meet our payment orchestration experts friends at Gr4vy.

Gr4vy is a cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) payments platform that simplifies building and managing payment ecosystems for merchants. 

Gr4vy’s no-code rules engine allows businesses to get access to 100+ unique payment methods and anti-fraud providers worldwide through a single low-code integration, enabling them to scale their payments ecosystem and expand into new markets quickly, with just a few clicks.

Merchants can personalise checkout experiences for every customer, create dynamic and smart rules for routing and retries, tokenize transactions, migrate data between providers and much more.

Gr4vy is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, PSP-agnostic, and offers dedicated cloud instances for resilience, redundancy, and performance, eliminating the risk of a single point of failure.

Key Strengths

1. One simple and flexible low-code integration gives you access to unlimited payment providers, 100+ unique payment methods, and anti-fraud providers worldwide with the ability to integrate in many ways, including through an e-commerce platform plugin.

2. Route transactions to maximize approval rates whilst customizing payment flow, and create automated failover rules and conditions to control what payment options are shown to buyers.

3. Avoid vendor lock-in with Gr4vy’s PSP-agnostic centralized PCI DSS Level 1 certified vault, allowing you to securely collect and store card data and tokenize transactions while seamlessly migrating all your data across multiple PSPs.

4. Reduce risk and compliance burden and eliminate single points of failure with Gr4vy’s IaaS dedicated cloud instances. Have full control over the bespoke resilience, redundancy, and performance expected from a cloud service, with the ability to set up regional cloud instances.

Want to learn more? Head to their website to find out how Gr4vy makes use of payment orchestration to help merchants navigate today’s ever-changing payments landscape.

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