We’re 10!

In 2013 no one could get enough of frozen yogurt, Harlem Shake videos were all the rage and the word of the year was none other than ‘selfie’. 10 years ago, Prince George was born – and so was Akoova!

The Birth of Akoova

After years of experience running successful ecommerce platforms and witnessing the growth of Magento, our founders Ossy and Zac decided to take the plunge and start a company of their own: Elastera – now known as Akoova.

As CTO of a prestigious ecommerce brand, Osvaldo constantly found himself feeling frustrated with hosting providers available in the market at the time. He had spent years as a client, grappling with inefficiencies, subpar solutions, bad communication and a lack of personalisation in the services offered by existing companies in the field.

Akoova was born out of a simple yet profound idea – the belief that there had to be a better way.  Dissatisfied with the status quo, Ossy and Zac decided to take matters into their own hands. 

They envisioned a company that would not just meet but exceed client expectations – a company that would be driven by dedication, a deep understanding of clients’ needs and love. And so, Akoova was founded.

A Decade of K-Love

Over the past ten years, Akoova has evolved from a small startup to an ever-growing operation filled with talented professionals and amazing clients.

Our journey has been characterised by knowledge sharing and the search for continuous improvement. We’ve embraced the latest technologies, adapted to changing market dynamics and consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

None of this would have been possible without the incredible team of professionals who have been the driving force behind Akoova’s success. Our employees have shown remarkable dedication, creativity, and resilience, and they continue to inspire us every day. We owe our achievements to each and every member of Akoova. This milestone is a testament to all your hard work and commitment.

We Love Our Clients

Our clients have always been at the heart of our journey. We truly love them and care about their business, hopes and goals. 

We are deeply grateful for the trust that they have placed in us over the years. Their support and feedback has been invaluable, driving us to improve and innovate continuously. We remain committed to exceeding their expectations and providing solutions that make a meaningful difference.

It’s a Celebration

To mark the occasion, our founders got clients and employees together to celebrate this amazing milestone. We recognise that we are only able to mark this ten-year milestone because of the loyalty and support that our clients and employees have shown us over the years and it was time to show our love and say thank you. It was a lovely opportunity to reminisce about the past ten years of great memories, have some fun, and start thinking about what’s next. 

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we also look ahead to the future with excitement and anticipation. 

We are determined to build on our accomplishments and continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. With our talented team, outstanding supreme clients, and a vision for the future, the next decade promises to be even more remarkable!

Join Us In Celebrating

To mark this special occasion, we will be publishing a series of commemorative content. 

We invite you to join us in celebrating this milestone. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our stakeholders – our team, clients, partners, and the communities we serve. Thank you for your unwavering support over the past decade. Together, we’ve achieved incredible milestones, and together, we will continue to reach new heights in the years to come.

Thank you for being a part of Akoova’s journey.

Here’s to a decade of excellence and many more years of success!

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