Why Innovation is so vital in Retail.

On the run up to this year’s Retail Recharged, serial entrepeneur, Osvaldo Spadano, Founder and CEO of Akoova, shares his views on Innovation in Retail.

Retail Recharged is a not-to-be-missed event with a fantastic crowd, taking place in London on October 5th 2016.

Innovation in Retail is the main topic of the event, which brings experts, brands and start-ups together to discuss and debate on key topics. This year’s topics are:

  • Mobile
  • Customer Data
  • Gearing up for growth/culture
  • Marketplaces

Major retailers are closing shops and yesterday Moody’s analysts said Sears and Kmart don’t have enough cash to stay in business. In the meanwhile Amazon now has a warehouse within 20 miles of 44% of US population, up from 2% in 2006!

What worries me though, is that one day, let’s say, the VP of Digital is attending an inspiring event about retail innovation. The next day she is back in fire-fighting mode to keep the head above water. How frustrating!

There is a great disconnect between what’s happening in innovation-land and what retailers are facing today, a gap that has to be filled. But how? Where can they start? Read more in the Guest blog: How are you innovating?

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