your tailor for life

A good tailor gets to know their customer intimately. They take precise measurements to appreciate their unique shape. But the art of tailoring is also about understanding a customer’s daily needs, lifestyle and personal taste.

Akoova’s founders have an undisputed heritage in tailoring successful eCommerce platforms, since 2001.

Akoova crafts a solution that will not only suit your business, and its demands. It will offer a level of sophistication where you won’t look out of place amongst the biggest global enterprises. Thanks to our experience, and our insistence on understanding the unique shape and style of your business you’ll benefit from an all-round best practice solution. A platform that looks bespoke, yet has no minimum contract or set up fees.

  • The pioneers of SaaS eCommerce
  • Clients with history
  • No minimum contract
  • No set up fee