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Judaica WebStore

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Arik Barel - Co-CEO
Headshot photo of Arik Barel (Co-CEO), Judaica WebStore

A summary of Judaica WebStore:

Judaica WebStore, founded at 2001, is considered the leading online Jewish store, selling mainly Judaica products, Jewish art and Jewish jewellery made by leading 200 artists and manufacturers.

What challenges were Judaica WebStore facing which led you to look for a new hosting provider?

Magento is very sensitive to server configuration and needs real professionals that are well experienced with Magento hosting.

With our existing hosting providers, we had a really had tough time with system performances and configuration.

How did Akoova’s solution assist with those challenges?

Our programmers suggested to us to move to Akoova and since then, our life has became much easier.

System performances were improved dramatically.  Akoova has also helped us with spotting problematic queries in the code and by doing this, it helped solve them. The system is monitored all the time and when a problem arises, Akoova immediately takes an action that gives us peace of mind.

Akoova provides flexibility and the ability to scale up fast when needed. They closely monitor our site and help in no time with every problem that rises up. Additionally, they help the programmers to locate and solve problems in the code. 

What do you like most about working with Akoova?

That you work with professionals who care about your business.

What would you say to someone considering working with Akoova?

Working with Akoova is a different game compared to the big hosting firms that are good in selling you promises, but when something happens and you need their help, there is no one to speak to. 

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