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Seraphine & Akoova: A New Standard of Excellence in Magento Hosting on AWS

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Øyvind Valland - Interim CTO

A summary of Seraphine:

We are the leading scale player in a specialist market – maternity and nursing wear – with 20 years of experience behind us doing this and nothing but this. But what we do at Seraphine is more than just fashion and clothes.

We help women feel confident in their changing bodies and enable them to continue to express the choice and style they had prior to pregnancy and during pregnancy, whilst providing them with product innovations that make motherhood a breeze.

What challenges were Seraphine facing which led you to look for a new hosting provider?

Seraphine struggled with a lack of insight into the application, database and infrastructure performance of its ecommerce channel and did not have access to adequate support in running and maintaining its customer-facing websites.

What would have been the risks for Seraphine if you hadn’t made the change from your previous hosting provider? Particularly if you hadn’t chosen Akoova?

Without the move away from the previous hosting provider, Seraphine would have faced stagnation and, ultimately, negative growth of its ecommerce channel. 

How did Akoova’s solution assist with those challenges?

Akoova’s solution has provided Seraphine with stable infrastructure, active monitoring and insights. Plus proactive feedback into the performance of its websites and clear suggestions on improvements that can be made.

Akoova is like an extension to Seraphine’s in-house team.

What do you like most about working with Akoova?

Working with people from Akoova is just like working with a colleague from an internal team. In fact, when we went live with Akoova it felt like we doubled our team overnight.

Akoova is invested in our success in a way that is palpable. Akoova provides genuine support, in every sense of the word.

What would you say to someone considering working with Akoova?

I doubt very much you’ll find a Magento hosting provider that is more service-oriented and genuinely helpful than Akoova.

Every single person we have interacted with has exhibited the same positive and engaging manner, and that has been the case during discovery, pre-sales, and post-live.

The value Akoova delivers is phenomenal.

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