Project Description

IC Intracom is the leading Italian distributor of PC peripherals, accessories and networking products under the Manhattan, Intellinet and Techly brands. With over 20 years of experience, IC Intracom serves many IT resellers across the country.

Customer website:


Scalability    Expertise    Trust

“IC Intracom was on AWS Cloud already, but the site kept crashing down, it was not well looked after and I could not relax on week-ends.”

Marco Brun Managing Director

With Akoova everything changed for the better. MoM revenue changed trajectory and increased by 10% from the first month.

On our results:

“Since we moved to Akoova, uptime, stability and speed of our sites were not an issue anymore. With some targeted interventions on our Magento customisations, Akoova massively improved the speed in key parts of the site. I could not believe that our old site could perform so well.”

On our service:

“They’re quick and always available. You can always get answers and they never stop making improvements. You feel they’re always taking care of you and you never feel alone. We found a perfect partnership and we are very satisfied, which is difficult to find. Partnership means being on the same side and fighting together, not just a good client-provider relationship.”


“Before Akoova, we were ‘driving’ the business with the handbrake up. Since moving to Akoova I can enjoy my weekends and holidays.”