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Inchoo is a full-service ecommerce agency based in Osijek, Croatia. They started their ecommerce journey way back in 2008, the same year as Magento’s inception. Just a few months later, almost as pioneers, the agency launched its first Magento project. 

Throughout their journey, the team at Inchoo have achieved significant milestones. These include partnering with Magento and Google, organising a few international conferences, and seeing their clients receive awards for their online businesses. Of course, there were some bumps in the road, too. Yet, it wouldn’t be as interesting without them.


Inchon’s main motivation is to help merchants start and grow their online businesses. They like to say they’re “breathing life into Magento web shops”. Whether it’s development, digital marketing, or design, their goal is to form a win-win partnership with every client through a long-lasting and open business relationship. Inchoo wouldn’t want it any other way.

A Personalised Approach

Inchoo sees every business as a unique person with its own story. Just as people have different goals and needs, so do businesses. That’s why the team don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, they take a personalized approach with their clients, where they take the time to understand their client’s business and goals. Once they understand what clients need, they can start talking about the solutions. Working with clients who are open to honest communication and collaboration is always a treat, especially when there are lots of requests and challenges (which the agency loves). 

Inchoo are passionate about measuring the success of everything they do – kind of like how a coach keeps tabs on their team’s progress. It’s not just about meeting goals; it’s about exceeding them and celebrating those victories together with their clients.

Their vision is to be the merchant’s best friend. And what do friends do? They help each other to grow. Inchoo values communication with their clients throughout the entire process. For them, it is crucial to discuss goals with transparency, as they perceive them as their own goals as well. They often challenge their clients and their requests to avoid making costly mistakes and to make sure they’re on the same page. At the end of the day, Inchoo tells it like it is, and their clients trust them for that. 


Trust and friendship are two words that fundamentally define their relationship with Akoova. Whenever Inchoo come to London, Akoova uses every opportunity to have lunch or share a beer with someone from the team. Akoova were in Croatia a few times, visiting Inchoo for conferences and their 10th birthday. Inchoo always values Akoova’s honest and open communication.


Inchoo are always watching for new initiatives and movements in the ecommerce ecosystem. Recently, they strategically joined two – Hyvä and Mage-OS

As you may know, Magento’s front-end has historically been its Achilles’ heel. In the quest for the ultimate Magento 2 frontend solution, one theme has consistently stood out from the rest: Hyvä. What made Hyvä stand out from the crowd was its simplicity, efficiency, and performance. Their frontend team got to work and their first impressions were very positive, emphasizing simpler architecture and an easier onboarding process for new frontend developers. They have already launched their first Hyvä project, Online Store for Croatian Football Club Hajduk Split. They are very happy with the choice of Hyvä for the frontend framework.

Next up, Inchoo turned their attention to Mage-OS. To give a little background, merchants they work with often say they want to see a Magento platform that evolves over time, not solely relying on just extensions or API connectivity. Driven by their belief that the evolution of an ecommerce platform should extend to its core, they decided to dig deeper into Mage-OS. They see it as a visionary approach, wherein a new platform built on Magento Origins can thrive and grow. In addition, the ability to actively contribute to the platform’s development not only allows them to shape its future, but also strengthens the community as a whole. They became their Silver Partner in February ’24, and that’s just the beginning of their Mage-OS journey. 


Now that we’ve touched upon the subject, let’s conclude by underlining something deeply important to Inchoo – community. Just as friends gather to help each other out and share experiences, the members of Magento, Mage-OS and Hyvä communities come together to support one another. It feels like someone always has your back. From their beginnings, it was really important to them to actively participate in the Magento community. They even brought Magento Developers Paradise to Croatia in 2016. 

As Inchoo continues to grow and evolve, fostering and strengthening these communities remains one of their missions, ensuring that together, they can achieve even greater collaboration, innovation, mutual support and competitiveness for the future.

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