Running and scaling Magento on AWS – Video from re:Invent 2014

“AWS re:Invent 2014” in Las Vegas was a great success with 13,500 attendees.

From the beginning, Amazon Web Services supported Akoova (formerly Elastera) in our determination to redefine Magento Cloud Hosting. AWS heard good things from merchants about Akoova, and when AWS invited us to participate in a joint talk at the “AWS re:Invent 2014”, we gladly accepted. It was an excellent opportunity to promote our vision of what Magento can be and achieve on Cloud. Plus, we knew we would gain valuable knowledge from the experience and make new connections at AWS re:Invent – which we did.

For our presentation, we worked together with Shaun Pearce, Solutions Architect at AWS. Zachary Stevens, Chief Architect and co-founder at Akoova, made the presentation with Shaun. Our session was called “Running and Scaling Magento on AWS”, in which we shared our experiences on just that. It was well received.

Shaun showed how to deploy and build a resilient, high-performance Magento site. Zachary shared what we learned from building a platform that permits merchants to benefit from AWS, without doing all of the hard work themselves.

If you wish you had been there, you can watch this video recording of the presentation. We hope you will enjoy it and benefit from viewing it.

In the video above, you can see the slides from the presentation.  However, we’ve also included a copy of the slides below.  To get the full effect of participating in the session, you might download the slides and use them to take notes.  It’ll be like you were there.  In fact, you may even ask questions: in which case just leave a comment below or contact us.

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